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Calling all Sunshine Coast web designers & developers!

By Adrian Stein

Would you like to connect with others in the web industry?

I'm very proud and excited to be launching the Sunshine Coast's very first official association for web designers and developers. After many years of attending and helping to run an informal meetup group for local developers, I decided to take the leap and make a concerted push for creating a more formal industry body. Over the years I've had such a positive experience hanging out with like-minded professionals, picking their brain, sharing my skills and building up a local support network, that I decided I couldn't wait any longer to start giving back to the community and encouraging local digital professionals to hone their craft and connect on a more meaningful level.

Thus, the Sunshine Coast Digital Association was born, with the help of several key industry individuals who got behind me and supported the idea (thanks guys). Although we're newly formed, we're very excited and motivated to build something wonderful here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We already have a thriving community of local digital professionals, and we've made it our mission to help them connect and encourage cooperation and collaboration to make the Sunshine Coast a thriving hub for web professionals. As of November 2013, we've officially incorporated as an association and elected a management team, and we're ready to hit the ground running in 2014.

Our goals are simple - to support the digital industry, encourage the next generation of digital professionals, and create a thriving hub for skill sharing and connection. Our regular meetups are a fantastic way to connect with others in the industry, develop contacts and form friendships. Self-promoting middle men and social gurus are banned. If you're a local developer or designer working on the tools and you'd like to stay sharp, please get in touch and we'll plug you into the network.